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Road Mapping Project

The McKenzie Clearwater Fire Department has undertaken the task of identifying all roads and islands with properties we serve to protect. Our Service Area is significant and consists mainly of unorganized territory. For Emergency Services to operate effectively, a good understanding of how to identify and get to a location is of the upmost importance. Time is of the essence in any emergency, where a wrong turn could be the difference between life and death or stopping a fire before it spreads to additional structures.

The Road Mapping & Addressing Project is 100% funded by donations from the property owners in our Service Area. We continue to require additional funds to enable us to complete the next phase of the project.

Project Status - Roads

Phase I   Digital Mapping   Completed

Phase II  Ground Proofing   85% Complete

Phase III Resident Proofing 10% Complete

Phase IV  Signage           Commencing

Phase V   Communication     Planning


Road Sign.jfif

Road Naming Procedure

  • All Roads in the Service Area must have a name.

  • All Roads in the Service Area must have a unique name and can not be the same as a Road in a neighbouring jurisdiction. The Road names in the Neighbouring Jurisdictions can be found in the resources section.

  • Roads that are known by MTO by name will not be changed.

  • Roads that have existing signage will be named as the signage indicates, given the sign is of an official nature and has existed for more than 10 years.

  • Roads that have no existing signage will be named with the last name of the owner of the last property on the Road, by default. With the agreement of a majority of property owners on the Road, the name will be as the majority agrees upon. To submit a Road name as determined by a majority of Property Owners, please complete the Road Name Selection Form in the resources section.

Property Sign.jpg

Property Addressing

  • All Properties within the Service Area will be assigned an address.

  • Bell Canada Standards will be followed.

  • An address will be determined by the following formula:

  • Address = (Metres from Road Intersection) / 10 * 2 + (1 for Right side or 2 for Left side)

  • Addresses will be calculated by the MCFD.

  • Where multiple properties are accessed via one driveway, all properties will have the same address each with a unique letter suffix, starting with “A”, assigned in a logical order generally first to last or clockwise.


Island Property Addressing

  • Island Properties will be also be addressed.

  • Once the Road Signage is on its way, we will start planning addressing for islands.

  • Many fires over the past number of years have been on islands. Providing

  • Emergency Services good location information is critical.


Stay tuned for more information in the coming months.

Register Contact Information for your Property

The McKenzie Clearwater Fire Department (MCFD) is interested in being able to contact Property Owners in the event of an emergency at or near your Property. We are building a registry for the sole purpose of contacting you for emergency service related communications. Your information will not be shared with any other organization or person, with the exception of OPP in the event of an emergency. An emergency is considered to be a fire, theft, medical emergency, or evacuation alert.

By providing your contact information, you grant MCFD the right to occasionally send you email or letter mail to inform you about the activities of the MCFD.

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