More Details About the McKenzie Clearwater Fire Department

The McKenzie Clearwater Fire Department operates out of three halls; one truck is run out of the Keewatin fire hall, Pumper 64, three trucks, one mini pumper, one 1500-gallon tanker, and one rescue are run out of the Clearwater Bay hall.


Our first fireboat is run out of the Clearwater Bay boathouse with the second being run out of the Marina at Rouault Bay, serving the McKenzie Portage area. We cover a territory west from the Kenora border to the Manitoba Border, the CNR tracks to the north with the exception of Ingolf, and all roads south of the CNR tracks with the exception of Reserve land. We cover all islands in Rush Bay, Echo Bay and North of a line down the centre of Ptarmigan Bay and the Islands outside of the Kenora city limits.


We average 60 to 80 calls a year with many of them motor vehicle accidents on Highway 17 and the side roads. Twelve years ago, we added the Jaws of Life to one of our pumpers to increase our rescue capabilities.


We average 15 ambulance assists a year for things like heart attacks where the ambulance will not be dispatched in a reasonable time and we have 8 first responders on staff.


We are also a contractor for the Minister of Natural Resources (MNR) and attend all bush fires in our area and take control of the scene until MNR can get a crew to our area. In many cases, we handle the whole incident and bill MNR.


We average 2 house fires a year and 3 or 4 fires on private property. We run ice rescue, water rescue equipment and we received a snowmobile and rescue sled through a donation, to get to cottages on islands in the winter.


Our Mutual Aide department is Pellett on the Minaki Highway and Kenora runs Mutual Aide on all calls on Highway 17 where extrication is required.

Our McKenzie area started 35 years ago with a truck stored in Keewatin. The Clearwater Bay department started 25 years ago with a portable pump package, training from the Ontario Fire Marshall and has progressed to where we are today on an entirely volunteer and fundraising basis up to 2012. Since that date, the new Local Services Board has funded our fire fighting operations, the board and fire department fund highway rescue, first response, ice rescue, water rescue and snowmobile rescue.


We are dispatched by the Kenora Ambulance Service, who are responsible for dispatching all fire departments in the area. All of our firefighters carry radios or pagers. We are contacted by our emergency number 1-807- 547-2400 as we have no 911 service in our area.


For more information contact Rick Suche at or 204-981-4031.

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