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With summer just around the corner your McKenzie-Clearwater Firehall wishes to remind you that fire safety is also important on the water.

Here is a checklist to help keep you safe:

• Ensure you check and maintain your boat’s fuel, gas and electrical systems on a regular basis

• Don’t let any oil or debris build-up in the bilges

• Always inspect a lagging engine. Check for any damage, deterioration, heat or charring

• Check your exhaust systems on inboard engines for leaks

• Check for any loose fuel joints, damaged fuel tanks and replace any deteriorating hoses

• Take care when refueling. Turn off the engine and put out any naked flame. Leaks, spills and vapour can ignite easily. Clean them up and make sure filler caps are secure after refueling

• Only carry spare fuel if necessary and store either in a self-draining locker or on an open deck

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